The Bloody Nerve


THE BLOODY NERVE will begin the superannuated release of their ingeniously well-executed new concept album: ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ with a lyric video for the disc’s first single: ‘A Million Arms’ released June 26th 2020.

The Bloody Nerve
The Bloody Nerve – Bring a withered scream that invades a soul to demand a beast’s release…

The Bloody Nerve brings together the versatile singer/guitarist Stacey Blood with the impressively charismatic vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, who came to work together and play together in Nashville, 2011.

Episode One from the concept album, “A Million Arms” ( the official lyric video is shared below) begins with the kind of withered scream that invades a soul to demand a beast’s release. Then comes a constricting riff, with watertight rhythms, and hermetic vocals…

Despite the scream, the verse presses on against unknowable attrition, with a sense of fortitude and determination. It’s as if something bad is about to happen and worse still, we will recognize it when it comes because we’ve seen it in our nightmares…

The voice is a chimeric blend of scraping and glottis, like a gloggy anointing made of warm rum and frosty citrus. My holy crap! If this is just the first installment, what will the rest be like?

File alongside: The Dead Weather, Kill It Kid


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