Bad Touch Photo Credit Andras Paul

BAD TOUCH — I’ve Got The Music In Me

British rock band [Norfolk] BAD TOUCH revisits the sleazy, long-haired, flared-velvet boogie days of the 1970s with their new maximum-volume studio album, titled “Kiss The Sky”.

Kiss the Sky album cover
Kiss The Sky – “vibrancy, bombilation, & feelgood tension…

We reviewed the disc back in early May. We said it was an album, stuffed with: “vibrancy, bombilation, and feelgood tension...

Now the band have released another taster from the recording, this time a video for “I’ve Got the Music In Me” — the only non-Bad Touch penned number on the album.

Mister “Bias” Boshell (keyboards for Barclay James Harvest & The Moody Blues) wrote this for Kiki Dee, way back in 1973.

The song adapts well to stubbly/furry-chinned vocal treatment, and Stevie rips the knickerbockers from it’s velvety legs, to turn this euphoric song into a knot-tight, hyper-masculine, proclamation of intent.

If you want a generous slice of good, old-fashioned, cheery rock joy, order this album. You won’t be disappointed!

File alongside: The Black Crowes
Check the newly arranged live TOUR DATES below


Main image Photo Credit: Andras Paul

BAD TOUCH tour dates

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