The Big Dirty

THE BIG DIRTY — Whiskey Pistol

THE BIG DIRTY are a four-piece rock band from Northamptonshire who formed in 2017.

The band combine delectable riffs with macerating drums and wholehearted vocals all mopped-up into a sound that can best be described as sleazy, low-grind rock.

Big Dirty
An oozy bogglish bass…

They recently released their latest single: “Whiskey Pistol” along with an accompanying video (shared below.)

The jackanaping scallywags had this to say about the number: “As if The Big Dirty couldn’t make you any more moist [we] unleashed the whiskey pistol. Ready, aim, squirt! Are you holding your whiskey pistol? Cause we are…woof woof! ( actually, they didn’t do the woofs — we added those for effect.)

The song comes with a fully mesmerizing riff, splendidly melodious vocals and an oozy and — frankly — bogglish bass that seems to weave its oily spoil over the entire thing…

It’s facetious and it’s tongue-in-groove. And, of course, it’s lucidly lubricious!

File alongside: Mötley Crüe, Steel Panther

The Big Dirty, “Whiskey Pistol” taken from the album “The Sex” due 17th July 2020


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