TADINI — Welcome Back to Freedom

The Los Angeles based, West Coast solo performer, producer and psychedelic rock exponent Lucas Tadini aka TADINI is deeply inspired by the spirit and imagination of pioneers such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

Tadini – a giddy, melancholic riff with grumpy percussive keys & nearly twilighted vocal…

Although the paroxysmal firestorms of rhythms and melodies that he offers perhaps originate from his native Brazil, and his multicultural music-making also has roots in a classical music upbringing.

He is about to release his appositely titled solo single, ‘Welcome Back To Freedom’ — taken from a debut album ‘Collective Delusion’ — due later this summer. It follows his debut single, ‘The Arsonist’ (shared below.)

Welcome Back to Freedom” brings a giddy, melancholic riff with grumpy percussive keys and nearly twilighted vocals…

The thing finally blossoms when a psychoactive guitar solo arrives; it’s as if a perverted, over-extending angel is offering pacification in the shape of a disfigured lily. This has the blister of vintage Aquarian Age rock with sufficient resonance to make it bluesish and trippy.

File alongside: Beau Bowen

Link: https://www.facebook.com/tadini/

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