GEOFF TYSON — Drinks With Infinity

The much-respected American guitar exponent GEOFF TYSON (born in Berkeley, California) was a student of legendary guitar hero Joe Satriani, and one of just two students who, according to Satriani, had “graduated” from his teachings (the other was Steve Vai).

Tyson played with San Francisco-based heavy metal cult status band T-Ride, who recorded one of the greatest (debut) rock albums of all time, only to choose exactly the wrong moment to reveal it: on the brink of efflorescence from the unconquerable grunge movement.

Filled with speed & melodically impressive dexterity…

Tyson then went on to play and record with Jason Slater and Eric Valentine’s industrial rock project, Snake River Conspiracy (on their Sonic Jihad Tour). And in 2003 he formed the alternative rock band Stimulator with singer Susan Hyatt (Pillbox) — he has more lately worked with his own Geoff Tyson Band.

Guitar was my first love,” he ponders. “I first met Joe Satriani when I was 13 and he helped to develop my passion for playing guitar. I soon became one of his favourite students, alongside Alex Skolnick, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet and Charlie Hunter.”

Satriani and I met weekly for about 2 ½ years, and he became my mentor and inspiration, always challenging me to do something unique and personal. It’s a lesson I have applied to all aspects of my musical endeavours. As popular music trends changed, I evolved into a singer-songwriter, recording engineer and  producer.

After encouragement from Satriani and fans, I finally decided to record an instrumental guitar album [Drinks With Infinity]. I knew I had to create something that encompassed my experience and skills.”

Now GEOFF TYSON releases his first instrumental guitar album, and it’s titled “Drinks With Infinity” out Friday 31 July 2020, distributed by Cargo Records, the album is for pre-order on —and available on CD, vinyl and digital.

Geoff Tyson
Purposeful shredability…

Six Weeks of Tina” has already been presented as a taste test for the new album, and it’s an impressive groove filled with speed and melodically impressive dexterity. It buckets along full pelt but never loses its sense of style and panache. An amazing feat of purposeful shredability.

Strawberry Napalm” has a translucent moonshiny gleam with sunblinking finger-picks and luster-filled slides. It has an inner vibrancy despite the fact that it is a golden mosaic of spider chips and smooth lines.

Sometimes this number feels like an intoxication; it fluctuates expressively enough to indulge in moments you might declare are jazz! or rock! or both! Either way, this is relaxing and beautiful.

We’re not sure that “Life is Set in Stone” but it may end in stone! This is fascinating and slightly psychedelic and takes the listener on a mystical journey… this one is kinda apparitional.

Liquid Kitty” has a cluster of Bontempi-style key-chips with yawning oilcloths of guitar shawled across them.

And “Are You With Me” is a generous piece of pastoral rock; with some incredibly high moments, where the guitar seems to touch the face of Jove. This is empyrean.

If you are looking for fluency, wit, inventiveness, and grace in your guitar-play — this is for you. A shredologists dream…

File alongside: Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai


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