BAILEY BRYAN — Play w/ me

Nashville’s modern country-style pop artist BAILEY BRYAN has released her latest track, “Play w/ me” over the weekend, along with an expressive video (shared below).

I’m coming from the most confident place I’ve ever made music and I’m so happy I get to put these experiences into words…” she says.

I’m writing about dating around and upholding my own standards. I think you can be a sensitive bad bitch…know your worth, but still admit that your feelings can get hurt, and that’s definitely the driving force behind this song.

Play w me
Play w/me feels wholesome and virtuous despite the long ooohs!

The number sits upon the freshest pinpricks of beat and the voice emanates above, to glide over the chips in a semi-fluid state. It feels wholesome and virtuous despite the long ooohs! which are salacious while the come-on is pretty-much self-evident… and that is the genius of this number. It’s perpendicularly flirtatious!

Bailey, originally from rural Sequim, Washington state, first moved to Nashville in 2016 with the dream of Music City stardom and pursuing a passion for composition that started when she got her first guitar, at age twelve.

After her first single, “Own It” (2017), she swiftly emerged as an “Artist to Watch” lauded by Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly, while receiving praise from the New York Times for her “rich songwriting”. And in May 2019 she released a (second) Drake cover, this one titled “One Dance” with British artist Kyla.

She’s embarking on a virtual tour in early July… see the dates on the poster below


BAILEY BRYAN virtual tour
BAILEY BRYAN virtual tour

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