The Waking Point


The grungy Los Angeles based rock singer/songwriter & solo rock performer THE WAKING POINT (the alias of musician Sadie Belica) has released a new single, “Bad Girl”.

The Waking Point
The Waking Point – a psychedelic edge and an acoustic bottom…

Sadie self-produced the single, and recorded & performed it in her home studio.

The song traces a damaging relationship with a mentor who became very unpleasant.

Apparently, the inspiration behind the song was learning a Black Sabbath number during a period of anger and resentment, so you can spot the Sabbathy chords. But these are almost hidden under clouds of animosity and hailstorms of exasperation.

The song is heavily moody with a psychedelic edge and an acoustic bottom (reminiscent of early T. Rex) but it also accommodates a Latin beat skelter and a touch of experimental blues. Thus, the whole piece seems sweaty, borderless and, to be fair, a little nervously jittered.



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