Cheat Codes


Los Angeles multi-platinum group CHEAT CODES have released their new single titled “Heaven”.

The spirituous uplifting jubilation takes Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell and Kevin [KEVI] Ford back to their roots with some highentifically-high pop-flirting choonage.

Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes – springy ‘n’ vivacious production…

Emphasizing Trevor’s exhilarating falsetto over springy ‘n’ vivacious production, this candy is released alongside a visual that sees the boys literally head-up in the clouds on a beautiful, lucid day.

The lyrics  synopsize the feelings of an emerging relationship and the butterflies, the daydreaming and the daze that comes with it: “Too many times we search outside ourselves and ignore the little things that make life amazing,” the group says.

Working with Dan Smith [Bastille] on the record was a “dream come true” and serves as a reminder that it’s “the perfect time to show gratitude for the loved ones we have in our life that make us happy and keep us sane!


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