Sari Schorr

SARI SCHORR — The New Revolution

Brooklyn’s superb blues artist, the shimmery, smoky voiced SARI SCHORR has released a brand-new video for her 2018 song ‘The New Revolution’.

‘The New Revolution’
‘The New Revolution’ – the voice is like caramelized gingersnaps…

The song, by Sari with hammond keyboards-wizard Bob Fridzema was written to honour Martin Luther King, Jr. — America’s emblematic campaigner for civil rights and peaceful protest. The pivot of the song is the line : “Seems like only yesterday, a bullet blew the dream away, coloured by hate.”

This mobilizing number with its shout-out chorus is a strutting promenade of energy with daubs of buttery organ and peppered by volatile rhythms. The voice is like caramelized gingersnaps and a large helping of snickerdoodle pie.

I wrote the ‘The New Revolution’ to express the feeling I had that the world would soon be entering an era of great change,” says Sari. “In response to the message of racism and division that was being amplified by our president, I could imagine a growing movement that would embrace the fight for social justice.”

‘The New Revolution’is taken from the album “Never Say Never” that we described as “unchained energy” and filled with “skill, sensuality, and excitement.


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