Allman Betts


THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND will release their second full-length studio album titled “Bless Your Heart” on Friday August 28, 2020 via BMG

The Allman Betts band
The Allman Betts band: offering a nice chunk of late 1960s hippie-crash gingham-chintz…

Their song “Long Gone” is aptly relevant in terms of both sentiment and flavor this summer. Recently released on video but from the highly rated 2019 album “Down To The River

The song demonstrates aureate dryness, gorgeous homecoming and longing submission, and incorporated oodles of memorable guitar-work and compelling vocals.

But it’s the new album’s first single that will grab you: “Magnolia Road” (written by Kentucky singer-songwriter Stoll Vaughan) with incredible ScubeSteve video animation (shared below) has slender, twangsome, vibrant guitars, unconsciously nasal voices and a gently upbeat air offering a nice chunk of late 1960s hippie-crash gingham-chintz. This is a wonderful heartwarming groove.


Bless Your Heart by The Allman Betts Band is due for release: 28 August 2020


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