ALLMAN BETTS BAND — Pale Horse Rider

THE ALLMAN BETTS BAND will release their second full-length studio album titled “Bless Your Heart” on Friday August 28, 2020 via BMG.

Bless Your Heart
Pale Horse Rider – absolutely jaw-dropping wonderful…

Now they have released the music video for their new single “Pale Horse Rider” taken from ‘Bless Your Heart’ (shared below) in anticipation of the album. The video was filmed over the course of two days in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Devon Allman told Rolling Stone Country that “Pale Horse Rider” was a: “really fun one to write.” Apparently Duane had an almost vertigo-inducing descending melodic pattern that was “so unique…”

Devon explained: “Once I started the lyric about a man feeling so lost and isolated with the world out to get him, the story just kind of wrote itself. The Wild West seemed the perfect setting to tell the tale.”

We had a listen:

The dustbone voice rises from the rough, dry, blistering ground like an angel-vulture about to rise in the eddies.

It is a song of magnificent proportions, with graceful, multi-layered, silver-tipped guitars and underlying smoky-quartz textures. It’s absolutely jaw-dropping wonderful. This promises to be the best country blues album of a generation.

File alongside: Persephone era Wishbone Ash circa 1974

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Bless Your Heart The Allman Betts Band will be released on August 28, 2020. Pre-order now.

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