Anna Wolf

ANNA WOLF — The Unfamiliar

A new horror film “The Unfamiliar” — is coming out soon and is already getting rave reviews — and to accompany the film is a title track written by the London-based Pretoria, South African singer-songwriter ANNA WOLF with The Stereophonics drummer & artistic music producer POP MORRISON.

The Unfamiliar
The Unfamiliar – The voice trembles like a glass plate on ice…

The song’s shaky style, contrasted with a hesitantly strumming acoustic guitar, brings wrinkled lines peppered with torment, and squeezed across uneasy heads of loose skin.

The effect is like contemplating a bunch of ghastly sentiments wrapped in a basket and trimmed for sacrificial burning.

The voice trembles like a glass plate on ice while the rhythms droop and decay like overbalanced olivewood mementos.

This is as shivery cold as it is bewitching.

File alongside: Kate Bush

The Dark Matter Studios release is out on 11 September in the UK


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