Dream Of You And Me


The Asbury Park, New Jersey soul-driven blues-rock and roll outfit CONNOR BRACKEN AND THE MOTHER LEEDS BAND are known for their indomitable live performances and feel-good traditionalism.

Nightbird Motel
Nightbird Motel – an accelerated sense of trajectory…

Their new album titled “Nightbird Motel” due 25th September 2020, we said, “Decants the twang of Duane Eddy […] something halfway between Kursaal Flyers and Eddie and the Hot Rods…

This weekend Connor releases a new single from the album, this one titled “Dream Of You And Me.”

The number has a scampering bass thrum and an accelerated sense of trajectory and comes from a resilient perspective (skewed by love?) that means gumption & attitude will make everything okay in the end. The strength in Connor’s clear voice is irrefutable. It’s an energizing number with lots of high octane vigor.

The new album “Nightbird Motel” is due 25th September 2020

Link: https://www.facebook.com/motherleedsband

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