Lost Kings

LOST KINGS Feat. DeathbyRomy — Hurt

Producers LOST KINGS have returned to the fray with a smashing release of a brand new track and music video (with some amazing moves by dancer Maisy Dunne).

The number is titled, “Hurt” ft. singer/songwriter DeathbyRomy [Romy Flores] and is issued via RCA Records UK.

Hurt – sullenly translucent & impeccably bouncy

Hurt’ is the first track to be released from the Los Angeles based duo Rob Gainley and Nick Shanholtz forthcoming EP It’s Not You.

The guys, who gained popularity with their hi-profile remixes of numbers for the likes of Imagine Dragons, Disclosure, and Rihanna (Work) aim to release additional tracks in the coming months which will culminate with the full release of the new EP.

‘Hurt’ marks the beginning of a new chapter of Lost Kings,” says the duo.

These songs on the It’s Not You EP speak to the cycle of relationships that we’ve been through and our fans can relate to. We wanted to touch on people being in love but also wanting to keep their independence. Sonically, we wanted to continue exploring a new frontier while keeping the truest reflection of who we are.”

On Hurt: The vocal is velvety-damson, the atmosphere is sullenly translucent and the cadences are spruce. This is snappy and impeccably bouncy…

I loved letting you go / now you can’t let it go…” Exactly. Hurt? No, never again.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/wearelostkings/

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