Mike Ross

MIKE ROSS — The Clovis Limit II

English roots & blues musical genius and multi-instrumentalist MIKE ROSS will release his genre-straddling ten-track solo LP: ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2’ on Friday 30th October (on both physical CD format & Digital release) via Taller Records. 

Mike Ross
It may be a one-man show, but you’d never guess, from the sheer compass, scope, and breadth of this adventurous mix of open-air blues, arrogant rock, & flirtatious folk roots…

Recorded at Tonecan Studios & Electric Studios, in Brighton, UK and produced and designed by Ross (with Al Scott) Mike sings, plays guitar, piano, organ, synthesizer, Fender bass, and percussion.

Guest musicians include Darren Lee (drums) Ricky Kinrade (bass) and Rob Millis & Stevie Watts (organ). Okay, so it may be more or less a one-man show, but you’d never guess: not from the sheer compass, scope, and breadth of this adventurous mix of open-air blues, arrogant rock, and flirtatious folk roots.

The Clovis Limit II album (the Clovis culture were the first inhabitants of the Americas) begins with “Transitions” and a moody moog.

The synth whizzles and flirks its scriggle in the blackness of space (between tracks) but here an honest riff develops and brings with it “Thanks a Lot.

This is a faster pushrod of energy with Muddy Waters-style turnover patterns, tricky interludes, clever time digressions and the kind of licky gusto you thought might have disappeared in 1969, right after the Yardbirds transformed into Glyn Johns-era Zepp.

Clovis Limit 2
an album full of subtle vignettes, moog snippets, vocal cameos, and sparkling star guitar

None of Your Business” (video shared below) is a sizzle of whiskey and moonstone with a dynamic riff, punchy percussion and some raw vocals. Pumpin!

And “The Loser” (a song about “never giving up”) blossoms into a fine woodshed blues number filled with marvelous harmonies and packed with ingenious musicality. It radiates optimism through lambent guitar-work and expert lyrics.

There are two instrumentals including “Tell Jerry” — a brilliant twinkle of acidic guitar with a set of counterpoint bass notes that intensify around the rhythms…

And there’s the autumnny beauty “Unforgiven” with some fascinating ether-winged guitars. This develops into a swaying burble that’s a bit like the musical equivalent of watching a liquid light show in the 1970s, with reflective spirals, liquid tints and dreamy satinette vocals.

This is an album filled with subtle vignettes, moog snippets, vocal cameos, and sparkling star guitar. It’s a song collection of ambitious authorship, with astute configuration and many transcendent moments hidden beneath carefree rock tunefulness and essential blues conciseness. In other words: it’s punchy but nuanced.

Best presented with: Led Zeppelin (III), James Gang

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2‘ Mike has put together a special, strictly limited package deal: THE CLOVIS LIMIT Pt.2 ‘Transitions’ SUPER FAN PRE-ORDER PACKAGE.

This is available for just £50, and offers a lot for the money – exclusive items, content, experiences and merch, plus entry to a prize draw.
Order from https://shop.mikerossmusic.co.uk/product/the-clovis-limit-pt-2-transitions-superfan-pre-prder-package

Link: https://www.facebook.com/themikerossband/

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