Stray Cats

STRAY CATS — Rocked This Town

Those venerable American rock and roll revivalists the STRAY CATS, formed in 1979 by guitarist and vocalist Brian Setzer, and now featuring Lee Rocker (bass) and Slim Jim Phantom (drums) will release their 20+ song live album  “Rocked This Town: From LA To London”  this week, September 11th via Surfdog Records.

Stray Cats
Stray cats – neoprene bass-lines, wading rhythms & fiery guitar bursts…

The live tracks were recorded during the band’s highly acclaimed 40th anniversary tour.

Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me)” has irresistible energy and powerful intonation and shines like the hubs on a Zephyr Six — with lots of razzle-dazzle vocal sparkle.

And the live version of “Runaway Boys” (you’ll remember it from Top Of The Pops 1980) is spit ‘n’ polish too…

The new live rendition is a vivacious cultivation with neoprene bass-lines, wading rhythms, and fiery guitar bursts.

Rock It Off” is a sleaky ‘n’ sneaky boogie with flare guitar and percussion firecrackers. This is a belting rock ‘n’ roll splurge filled with serenading lilt and lots of oompah.

Stray Cats
Stray Cats – joyous vocals & bouncy basses

Rock This Town” (shared below) is a scintillating high neck shuffle featuring hypodermic guitar, joyous vocals, and bouncy basses.

All in all this is an album loaded with harmonies, honkytonks and goosebumps.

They nailed rockabilly then. They nail rockabilly now.

File alongside: The Jets, The Paladins

Main Photo Credit : Russ Harrington


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