Susan Santos

SUSAN SANTOS — Somebody To Love

The award-winning and critically acclaimed guitarist & singer SUSAN SANTOS released her new single  ‘Somebody To Love’ on Friday 18th September. The video is shared below.

Susan Santos L.A. Sessions
L.A. Sessions – Oxblood vocals and ladyfingers of blackstrap guitar…

The track is taken from her upcoming 4-song EP ‘The L.A. Sessions’ out on 7” inch vinyl and digital, Friday 6 November.

Susan recorded ‘The L.A. Sessions’ during December 2019 in Los Angeles, California. All songs were by Susan and feature legendary Starbreaker bassist Fabrizio Grossi (SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE) and famed session drummer Tony Morra.

Somebody To Love’ lopes like a love-drunk ‘gator wriggling from the swamp. As a result, it is slightly slurry — though, in a good way — with mauve, oxblood vocals and ladyfingers of blackstrap guitar. Mmm! Intoxicating!

Susan’s “The L.A. Sessions” follow her 2019 album “No U Turn” which saw Susan win “Best Performer” at the European Blues Awards and “Best Album Female” at the LA Critics’ Awards.


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