George Donoghue


In an ever-changing world, there is compelling need to evolve, adapt and innovate in order to survive and prosper…

That is as true for the music business as it is for all businesses; It is clear it also applies to music education, which aims to prepare people for a lifetime’s work in music.

Both the music business and music education have been affected by a rapidly changing industry and fluctuating turmoil in the markets. And the tectonic plates are still moving. Now they have been affected by the COVID-19 catastrophe and the global shutdown of live music.

However, it was during the COVID-19 lockdown that two forward-thinking innovators and educators  – the accomplished record producer, mix engineer, and songwriter GEORGE DONOGHUE and the FoH engineer, tour manager, and artist manager DANNY HARVEY – looked closely at the state of the game, and predicted how to overcome the seismic disturbances that could be anticipated in the months and years to come.

Using a perceptual mindset, George & Danny devised a new way of providing music education, one that has been adapted to the current situation and looks to the future. The company will be called SONIC WORKSHOPS.

Danny Harvey
Versatility & innovation are The Mother****ers of Invention…

Both George and Danny recognized that versatility & innovation are The Mother****ers of Invention (Frank Zappa may well have observed the same, back in 1964.)

With this understanding came the need to recruit a multiplicity of talents – qualified practitioners and professionals, who would dispense their observations, knowledge and coping mechanisms to deal with the drastic changes the industry will contend with.

George and Danny realized they must take advantage of a developing community of like-minded, ambitious, and driven people who would empower each other and work together to build a brighter future for themselves and the industry. Thus the Sonic Workshops were born.

The company describes itself as: “A community of forward-thinking ambitious people who teach and encourage accountability, team building and networking. We offer 1-to-1 online mentoring with some of the most pioneering and active people in the music industry today. We endeavor to match you with a mentor and a team that can help you to achieve your career goals and ambitions.

Mentoring is the key to Sonic Workshops’ approach, as a method for teaching and support, and providing access to high-quality, highly-skilled, pioneering and accomplished mentors, who are active in the industry, and who have put theory into practice and are willing and able to share that knowledge. This will give Sonic Workshops’ subscribers and clients a real edge.

From the outside,” says co-founder, George Donoghue (pictured at top), “the music industry can feel like an all-too exclusive club, with no number on the door, no clear route in and no map you can rely on. Good guides are hard to come by.”

Sonic Workshops
Sonic Workshops

When I was younger all I wanted was someone to answer my questions, help me navigate the waters and point me in the right direction.”

Sonic Workshops is an evolutionary part of music education, allowing musicians to access active professionals as mentors. We pride ourselves on our community, encouraging accountability, hard work and opportunities.”

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals and amplify their careers.”

The potential of the music industry is more favorable than you might think so visit the Sonic Workshop website ( for details.

Check-out the lineup of fantastic mentors, that include:  Scott Middleton (guitar player for Cancer Bats), Benjamin Langford-Biss (ex guitar player for ‘ΛS IT IS’), Kate Truscott (production and sponsorships for the Vans Warped tour) and Cam Birchill (TM of hardcore punkers Beartooth and assistant TM of Pierce the Veil).

You will also find out on to register to become part of the Sonic Workshop community, along with membership details and subscription options, plus prices for tutoring sessions.

Sign up for free & make fresh moves to amplify your career in music.


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