BASTETTE Caroline Eve Kenyon

BASTETTE — Stand Back

BASTETTE features the frenzied & unbridled eruption of energizing high-heeled strut and all-powerful vocals from flame-haired songstress Caroline Eve Kenyon. Their sounds will leave you awestruck and yearning for more.

Their newly released title “Stand Back” is a song that is based on Caroline’s personal experience of betrayal and pain. She says: “ Stand back is about finding strength and power in the darkest betrayal, it is about people close to me trying to hurt me by taking away what is most important to me.”

Truth always prevails and these people are no longer in my life, out of this experience Stand Back was born,  Its jungle beat, punky guitars and soaring vocals make you want to move, its upbeat and powerful.. so turn the volume up and just let it all out”  

The song (with a new animated video, shared below) is a lively, rubbery number with iconic beats reminiscent of the percussion of Tainted Love (Soft Cell) but perhaps more junglesome in adventure and with a steady gunmetal synth-line.

Those delicious detangling song-words are set like vermilion rhinestones on a darkly padded background. This is splendidly euphoric and edgy.

Stand Back will be available from all platforms on Friday 16th October 2020

File alongside: Sophie B. Hawkins


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