BRUDINI photo credit KK Perales

BRUDINI — From Darkness,Light

The London-based artist, experimental crooner and songwriter BRUDINI has a new single out (a revamp of Nightcrawler) while his debut album drops today Friday, October 9th via Apollon Records.

The debut long player, titled: “From Darkness, Light” contains more of his unique and characteristically introspective pen stories that are rendered increasingly delicious by some superior and expressive production.

Frontspiece “Roselight is an epigraph for stone piano and as dark as the varnish on a fresh coffin.

Whereas the above-mentioned “Nightcrawler” (shared below) is tinselly with bloody hazel & amber vocals and patches of unpredictable color, albeit always serendipitous in nature.

And tubby “Pale Gold” is a woolshed flugel of brassware buglechromes and rat-a-tatty rhythms.

Radiant Man” is about fighting against the tidal waves of personal crisis with soft, summercloud rhythms and dry, bottlebrush drums.

These songs are like prized pieces of nickel argentry presented in the darkest of velvet boxes.

File alongside: Johnny Cash, Nick Cave

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Main photo credit: KK Perales


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