Jonny Driver

JONNY DRIVER — Self Made Man

Dynamism has been implemented wholeheartedly on “Self-Made Man” — the new single by singer-songwriter JONNY DRIVER.

Diversity is also a mainstay here, as the arrangements and instrumental buzz rightly interweaves and ingrains the song majestically. From the start to the conclusion, the track blooms and flourishes to a superb level, with Driver singing about life and how it is full of whirlwinds and hardships. He’s a dynamic songwriter, there’s no doubting that, and he’s adept at creating songs which resonate beyond the norm.

Throughout the track there are moments when the acoustic flair floods in with authority, and Driver sings in unison, using his voice as a sound of reason. He expresses through his vocal battle scars, flames burning and fears. Nothing is stripped back, and the electric guitar buzzes, adding a raucous contrast that doesn’t impair but raises the game. Lyrically, the song conquers and spreads its message. Driver has a way with words, saluting them like a soldier, never suppressing the urge to rally a cause.

Self-Made Man” goes beyond the old techniques and done to death methods, it truthfully bursts through normality’s interior, enabling a new core of supreme songwriting and melody. Driver can become a musician of supremacy, one who can reach heights without needing to cut through the barrage. He excels on this single. He poetically goes against the grain and enforces his talent to great avail.

The new album ‘A Ghost of Hope‘ is out now

Words: Mark Mcconville  


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