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WYNNE delivers Dylanesque New Single

After an extensive, international career, the Liverpool born session-man & composer MICKEY ‘Mick’ WYNNE released his first full studio album entitled ‘Mick I  — by  The World of Mick — in June 2019.

World of Mick

His album brought together a group of talented friends including the much-vaunted pedal-steel guitarist B. J. Cole, Irish singer (bass) and ace engineer Joe Gibb (mixing, additional production) to help him celebrate his many passions, influences & inspirations, and the brothers-in-music he met along  his journey in music.

Now he announces his brand-new single ‘Fooled By You’ released with an accompanying lyric video, upon which he re-affirms his debt and acknowledgment to Bob Dylan with an appropriate homage to the visuals on ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.

On Wynne’s ‘Fooled By You’ the sandpapery vocals are flanked by quenching guitars, squabbling keyboards and jawing rhythms. The language is clean, fast, and overflowing and it’s clear that Beaucoups of Blues era Ringo Starr is a huge inspiration for the song-writer: this is footloose, breezy and even slightly whirlabout.

Explaining the inspiration for the song, Mick says “I wrote this one morning when I went for a walk in summery sunshine, then after a super-quick weather change I ended up back home soaked and freezing. In my folly, I blamed the weather forecaster! Truth to tell, I just hadn’t been savvy enough to prepare properly.”

You’ll note hip-hop influences in the number too: “There was much fun and laughter making the video with [film maker] Vlad Vaksic.”

Fooled By You is out Friday 11th December 2020

You can check out the entire album here:

World of Mick - Mick I

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