J R Harbridge

Eagles-style InstruMultiFaceted Country Rock from J R Harbidge

The talented multi-instrumentalist master-musician J.R. HARBRIDGE from Cannock, UK, has released his first single — Wrong Side Of The Fight —taken from a new Americana album entitled: ‘Long Black River’ — due 30th April 2021

If you fancy the idea of Eagles-style country-rock (smooth but muscular) with elements of folk and captivating rootsy Americana, performed with silver-dollar forthrightness and dazzling virtuous musicality… you will love this. 

J R Harbridge

‘Long Black River’ is a splendid musical-artistic achievement that James has modestly described as: ‘acoustic rock with some country twang’  and the album title refers to a name tag that a bassist in his school band (Crazy Jane ) hatched, many years ago. 

The first single — Wrong Side Of The Fight — (video shared below) is an immersive & luscious country song with melodious vocals, textured guitar work, and cookie-barrel beats. It is full of auspicious tones and comes packed with nostalgia and sentiment. 

An amazing instrumultifaceted achievement! 

File alongside: Eagles, Ryan Adams

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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