THE KLF with Glenn Hughes: What Time Is Love?

Just when you thought it might be safe to pry your nose out of the bunker for a teensy minute the Justified Elders of Mu Mu, that is, the KLF have come out of a distant horizon to assault your eardrums once again! 

Yes, those delusional, free-thinking conceptualists BILL DRUMMOND aka King Boy D & JIMMY CAUTY aka Rockman Rock (along with a slew of exciting guest names) have released an eight-track extended replays disc titled “Solid State Logik 1” that comes packed with their characteristic prelapsarian exhibitionism. It’s the first time the KLF have emerged from self-imposed exile since their million-pound burn-out of the mid 1990s.

3am eternal

Appropriately, they have relaunched their song  “What Time Is Love?” with the America prefixing that was first out 1992 (with a video, shared below) and it’s a feast for rock fans, as it samples “Ace Of Spades” and boasts Staffordshire-born powerhouse rock vocalist Glenn Hughes, as well as snippets from the pivotal rock musicals Hair and J.C.S. to become cybernetic, vibroscopic and typically dancy.

Yes, the photovoltaic, submetallic dazzle of “What Time Is Love?” is a consistent & identifiable hymn for these hard, hard times.

So get into the wobbly boat, start paddling, and don’t stand up or you’ll capsize the whole darn thing!

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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