Quinn Sullivan All Around The World

QUINN SULLIVAN travels the world of rocking blues

Regular readers will know we’ve been following the career of New Bedford, Massachusetts guitar prodigy QUINN SULLIVAN (who has shared stages with the likes of Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Los Lobos, The Roots, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, BB King and Joe Bonamassa) for a long time and we think his splendidly saturated guitar work dynamically imprints on the mood of the listener…

His singing voice tends to be in the style of blue-eyed soul, although his red-hot-sounding ’70s blues-rock guitar is always sassy and often very fiery.

Now the 21-year-old singer, songwriter & guitarist has released the first single from an upcoming album to be titled: Wide Awake.

The new single “All Around The World” (video shared below) signifies the beginning of a new installment of the young musician’s convincing evolution into music:

Quinn Sullivan

I want to stay true to where I come from…

I want to stay true to where I come from, and go from there,” he says. “The artists that inspire me to do that are always hungry for the new. They never repeat themselves. They just grow and become more unique — and that’s what I aim to do.”

If you’ve ever wondered who has the technical clout, able dexterity, clever authority, and decision-making perseverance that’s required to advance & develop the next generation of rocking-blues music around the world, Quinn is your man! This new song is uplifting, with rousing guitar, velvety vocals, and a smooth, flowing sense of efficiency

“All Around The World” is the first single from Quinn Sullivan’s upcoming album, Wide Awake, out soon.

File alongside: Aynsley Lister

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