Outlaw Orchestra photo credit Sam Compton


Those bluegrasstone, countryweight rock ‘n’ roll bandits THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA released their most recent album “Pantomime Villains” on 29th May 2020.

They now announce a new mini-album for 2021!

Their sounds are as authentic as a slice of homemade apple pie (albeit baked in the “deep south” of England, actually Southampton) — and their wonderfully honed songs come packed with clever rockabilly rhythms, intricate guitar entanglements, agility of voice, and fluid finesse of musicality.

We described their recent single “Send Some Whiskey Home” as: “country-coddled tomfoolery brought with a grin & twinkle — and replete with buttered musicality and deviled intentions…” and now they release the first single to be taken from the upcoming mini-album, which is titled Powercut and is due out March 26th.

Ratllesnake Sour

The new single from the album is titled “Rattlesnake Sour” (out 12th March) — and the video is shared below.

‘Rattlesnake Sour’ takes its name from a drink the band concocted on the road explains drummer Ryan Smith: “Take any good cooking whiskey add a generous squeeze of lime and a spoonful of honey, stir quickly, then slam even quicker. It sure soothes a singing voice, first thing in the morning…”

As can be expected, this Robert Johnson inspired blueser is a clatter of jangled guitar, clonking rhythms and bejeweled sputters a-plenty. The number features nimble slide-guitar and lots of sparkly banjo pluckiness. The drystone voice is a dockage of sawdust and muckworm bone. Yep, this is muck spattered brilliance!

File alongside: Crow Black Chicken, Johnny Winter

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©
Main photo credit: Sam Compton

Link: https://www.facebook.com/theoutlaworchestra/

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