It has been announced that the British husband and wife blues-rock duo WHEN RIVERS MEET whose 2020 debut album ‘We Fly Free’ we described as “giganticdelivered with undeniable passion…” will be special guests on King King’s October 2021 UK Tour (dates on poster below)

The duo’s approach to songwriting, with grungy electric guitar, burgundy rhythms, and a dizzying, resonant mandolin, help bring a sense of contemporary minimalist blues-rock along with a fresh integrity that ignites the spirit of classic 1970s rock, but also points to the ‘30s style blues-sounds that evidently inspire them.

The phenomenal British blues-rock band KING KING released their fifth studio album, titled “Maverick” last November. We described it as “healthy, prosperous, and honest….” and thought that it offered “pragmatic rock for those in need of salvation and redemptive antidote…

KING KING tour poster

TICKETS – www.thegigcartel.com/Artists-profiles/King-King.htm

Main image: Rob Blackham

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