Hot Laundry Golden Robot


San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll outfit  HOT LAUNDRY are one of those feelgood bands that will deliver a wholesome canoodle of adorable good-time boogie to your day.

The wonderful lead singer Janette Lopez is confidently backed by Ileath Bridges & Gena Serey and the trio are ably supported by Grady Hord on guitar, keys & backing vox.

They bring a sound that’s reminiscent of the jam-packed energy of the Hives though speckled with the sophisticated dash, style & elegance of the B-52’s (at their most velvet gloved) but with the unashamed foxy attitude of The Crystals.

Hot Laundry - velvet gloved attitude

Their new EP titled “Shake Slide Twist” is  out now via Die Laughing Records and the disc includes the rapid zoot of “Shake” with all the groove, slide, twist and shoot you can possibly handle.

It’s a slice of classic rock ‘n’ roll delivered with supercilious energy by the (snidey voiced) — but gorgeously undaunted — Lopez  and her singers. The song bursts with the sort of glam-rock riffing you feared might be dead since 1974 and the harmonized vivacity you thought might have all-but disappeared when the Ronettes finally stopped hearing the music

In other words, this is a properly infectious shindig!

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

File alongside: The Undertones performing songs from “Return to the Forbidden Planet” (musical)


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