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What does it mean if you don’t share a review?

Attention all artists, band management and promoters:

What does it mean if you don’t share a review?

It takes approximately 60 minutes to write a music review.

That’s right … our experienced writers need at least an hour to create a quality music review.

We insist that our reviews are handcrafted, titled, polished and edited and of course they need to be thoroughly researched too (in other words, we listen to your sounds). We take time & care to sculpt an entertaining, interesting, and informative read for our thousands of avid readers and music loving subscribers.

Share Your Review!

After having written a review of your music, we share it with (thousands more) readers on our socials…

Let’s recap: we write an honest, energetic, fresh cut, and non-regurgitated review of your new release — then we champion it for you!

Sounds too good to be true, right? So what’s the catch? The only “catch” is a mutual understanding (between you and us) that you’re doing the “right thing” and sharing your reviews so we might (together) collect more fans…

So what does it mean to us if you don‘t spend two seconds sharing our finely crafted words?

Jacinta Jaye TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD Photo Credit: neilmach ©

If you don’t share, it can only mean one of two things:

1: You didn’t approve of our review. That’s possible. Our mission is to be as objective & impartial as we can be, so it’s conceivable you thought our review was a bit harsh. We get it! That’s why you couldn’t share! But, remember, we are an independent publication and will always provide our readers with an accurate assessment of your work

2: You didn’t appreciate our workso it wasn’t worth spending a second sharing it!

It’s not nice to be under-appreciated is it? You’ll know how it feels, because you’re an artist!

Hunter S Thompson

Just to remind you that RAW RAMP is a highly respected music magazine that has been around over ten years.

  • we have a readership over 50k
  • we have readers in fifty nations
  • we cover multiple genres
  • we deliver new content, no copy and paste
  • we produce especially interesting articles
Jared James Nicholls Photo Credit: @neilmach ©

You will notice that there are no annoying ads in RAW RAMP… there are no distractions.

This means that RAW RAMP is always easy to navigate and a pleasure to read — we put our music connoisseur readership first and always deliver a smooth (ad free) uninterrupted reading experience.

Don’t you think our creatives & curators deserve to be appreciated?

Don’t you think the least you can do is share a review? (it will cost you nothing and will take a second).

What does it mean if you don’t share a review? Well, for a start it means you don’t think you need to promote your own work — and that’s a bit irrational isn’t it? It’s also, dare we suggest, a bit conceited.

You also have to wonder how much longer we can survive as an independent publication if we don’t get support from artists, managers and promoters. How long might we continue sharing your sounds on our non-commercial (ad-free) platform — unless we get support?

Think about it: either you spend a second sharing our words or you will see a quality independent music publication go down the toilet. It’s a choice you make.

There are share buttons below each post. Just click the darn button!

Editor-in-chief — RAW RAMP MUSIC MAG 14th April 2021

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