ELUNIA Pushes Thresholds

The contemplative & positivistic New Hampshire-based alt-pop recording artist ELUNIA transforms feelings into bountiful song tapestries.

“it’s really subtle…”

The latest release from the talented multi-instrumentalist — “Pressure Points” — talks about idolizing someone through a struggle with mental health and the constant fear of losing them.

ELUNIA says: “It’s not like someone is outright saving you, but more that they’re just existing in the right places and the right ways, and it’s really subtle, but that makes it all the more powerful.”


ELUNIA is stimulated by characteristic sound… so her work will push thresholds and overcome emotions. Although a tangibility of alternative pop still permeates through her sonic explorations.

Pressure Points” (visualizer below) incorporates vaporous guitar neighs and spectroscopic keys that shine with legitimacy. The soft track includes original voice notes, with birdsong in the background; to bring happy moments and perhaps deliver inner strength during uneasy moments. Apparitional!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/eluniamusic/

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