INFINITE ARCADE Cold as a Silver Storm

In April the Newcastle (UK) based lo-fi cinematic rock artist INFINITE ARCADE released two synchronously juxtaposed electronic EPs.

The first, “Nineteen Ninety-eight” is an awakening of mercy, nostalgia and shock that’s precipitated by cold piano — although the icy notes come bubbling with inner-percolation and laced with consolidating intertextuality. 

heartache & reprieve in equal measure…

The second EP “The Shield and Sparrow”  is intuitive and rewarding, though somewhat trenchant. Uncompromising rhythm & bass laminates the accompanying junctures; and the whole thing is interspersed with highly melissant increments, thus offering durations of heartache & reprieve in equal measure.


Sparrow” the second of the three tracks from the 2nd EP, is emphatic, suspenseful and tense. With deep clucks of wallowing synth, the whole piece becomes a squiggle of meandering bubbles that float toward an ultramarine sky. This is cold and sharp as an ice needle

The debut single ‘I Will Make You Better‘ (from Nineteen Ninety-eight, track shared below ) was released in February  and it’s a song about mental health; contemplating the reconciliation of someone who means well but goes about things the wrong way, so ends up making everything worse.

It’s dark as black-ice, cold as a silver storm and polytonal as wind chimes in a cemetery.


I Will Make You Better by infinite arcade

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