THRILLHOUSE, the Brighton, UK based indie/alternative dance band, have released a new single, entitled “Just At The Right Time” 

The lyric emanates through the synth membranes of sound quite vulnerably, like a lame quarry escaping a threat. But the song patterns are soon built upon and strength grows in melody. The voice is crisp & dry like onion skin, but delicious like buttercream and béchamel too! This is sensual and euphonic.


It goes very well with the previous title:  “Where The Roads Don’t Go” — which was a poignant evocation that flowed with expressive tones and came exquisitely assembled. It was a highly listenable track filled with keen resonations.

Whereas “Flawed Design” was a more funky out-pouring. With speckles of rhythm, great splotches of bass, flecks of synth and some wonderfully juvenated voices that literally took hop inside their own gusto. 

The band seems to have moved away from a trio ensemble with Alistair Scott, Jackie B. Nielsen and Sam Strawberry (aka Burns) in recent weeks — to become a singer-songwriter duo.  But the quality prevails…

Yep, this is danceable adult rock…

File alongside: Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club


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