Nothing Else Matters

MILEY Does Metallica like Nothing Else Matters

MILEY has enlisted superstar keyboardist Sir Elton John, multi-award winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith together with her friend (bassist) Robert Trujillo and frequent collaborator & Grammy-award winning producer Andrew WATT ( a founding member of  California Breed) to release an impressive version of Metallica‘s 1991 hit “Nothing Else Matters” (video shared below.)


The fact that the “ingredients” of this super hot super-band don’t quite fit together, that these musicians don’t suit each other’s style, just adds another layer of perfection to a song that, justifiably, is seen as one of the most enduring power-ballads in Metallica’s songbook.

The number speaks about taking different routes and gaining different perspectives, trying to always stay fresh and responsive in an ever-changing landscape.

Open Mind for a different view… nothing else matters…

As can be expected, Miley’s treatment of this song is perfect: her voice is dry and boney, low and rattlesome, sandy and fibrous, she sounds like Stevie Nicks mixed with Marianne Faithful. Therefore, it’s a rendition that is both leathery but also vulnerable. Naked and alone, but also tanned and hardened. And the musicality? Sublime. Simply sublime.

Yeah if this doesn’t give you a million chills, man, you ain’t alive! A stunner! 

Lyrics: James Hetfield / Lars Ulrich

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