Cold Stares Photo Credit Alex Morgan


Indiana duo THE COLD STARES have revealed the video for their new song “Heavy Shoes” the title-track taken from their upcoming album due 13th August via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group.

the song is about as live and real as a studio session can be…”

The duo — originally from West  Kentucky — is guitarist-singer Chris Tapp and drummer Brian Mullins… a friendship that dates back to their early twenties when they were in bands together. They went separate ways only to circle back a decade later.

The Cold Stares

A buddy of ours asked us to open the show for him. We ended up doing that, but we were so adamant that we weren’t going to be a band that we didn’t hire a bass player or anything else,” remembers Tapp.

Early 2020 the band returned to the fabled Sam Phillips Studio in Nashville to record Heavy Shoes. The remaining production was completed at their studio in Indiana, and the disc was mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers) and mastered by Andy Vandette (Beastie Boys/Smashing Pumpkins).

If you’re looking for vibrant, deep-rooted and forthright rock ‘n’ roll with spirited guitar and gifted stomp, this one’s for you!

Talking about the title song from the album, Tapp says; “Heavy Shoes is a metaphor for something that is weighing you down. Could be a relationship, an addiction, or just something you can’t let go of. That feeling of every step being heavier than the last and not being able to carry the baggage any further. Heavy Shoes was the first song I had written for the album, and kind of a template we wanted to use for the rest of the record.  Heavy, bluesy, straight ahead and honest.” 

He continues; “What you hear on the track is the first take we did at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis. If I remember right,  it might have been the first song we recorded as well.  I think I went back and recut some vocals and maybe part of the solo in late 2020 at my home studio, but the song is about as live and real as a studio session can be.”

Main photo: Credit Alex Morgan


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