The Cold Stares


Indiana duo THE COLD STARES will release their album “Heavy Shoes” on  13th August via Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group.

Originally from West Kentucky, the duo is made up of guitarist/singer Chris Tapp and drummer Brian Mullins… a friendship that dates back to their twenties when they were in bands together. They went their separate ways only to return a decade later.

a colossal achievement in modern blues-rock…

If you’re looking for deep, direct, vibrant rock ‘n’ roll with an energetic guitar and talented stomp, you’ll love the sounds you’ll find here.

Hard Times” is a penetrative buzz-beater and fearlessly coarse-grained stereet-worker with punchy rhythms and a harsh, scruffy nervousness that is never sentimental and always granular.

Heavy Shoes

The intensely dandy “In The Night Time” harnesses the vintage energy of Booker T. & the M.G.s and yet the number still handles some Wilko Johnson-style guitar barking, grunting, and slapping. Splendid!

Meanwhile, title track “Heavy Shoes” has a scorching riff, killing hubbubub, slaying buzziness, and spicy vocals. And with lyrics like : “I don’t wanna be a ghost in your room / I don’t wanna be locked in your tomb…” you know you are dealing with a lowdown reckoning. This is a bit post-grunge (think heavier Nickelback) but don’t let that put you off, this is pure rock ‘n’ roll contraband!

This album is full of crisp smoky blues for those fans who still monumentalize Simon “Black Cat Bones” Kirke and Andy “Sharks” Fraser. It’s a colossal achievement in modern blues-rock and comes bumper-packed with no-frills architecture. Very highly recommended! 

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

File alongside: Blackfoot, early Free


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