Dead Mans Whiskey


DEAD MAN’S WHISKEY the HRH Young Blood Award nominees (of 2017) will release their new EP ‘Breakout’ on Friday 1st October.

After a year of lockdowns, and of writing & recording, the five-piece London hard rockers return with a 5-track extended play that has been expertly produced by John Mitchell, also known for his work with Alter Bridge, Architects, Enter Shikari and Inglorious.

With so much reshaping and mission-shifting across the globe, creating this EP provided many unique challenges for the boys, as frontman Nico Rogers explains:

The last 12 months have been a hell of a time for music, both on and off the stage! Writing became a great way to keep our feet kicking under the water, and as a team we managed to just about stay afloat..”

There’s a lot of heart in this…

The frustration of lockdown, the difficulty of being away from friends and loved ones… is poured into these songs, it was cathartic in a big way to get them out of our systems. We honestly can’t wait to get these songs on the road, everyone needs something new and exciting after all this horribleness and we’re trying our best to do that for our fans…

There’s a lot of heart in this, some laughs when we needed uplifting, some anger when the frustration got too intense, but most of all, there’s an older, though probably not wiser, us in it, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

Break Out!

The title track “Breakout” —a song  that was released during the summer — reminds us of the grittier end of ZZ Top’s mid-1980s output, with the same kind of boogie oomph, crenelated guitars and swagged-out ‘n’ sinewy vocals. Yup, this is gurgly blues-rock filled with expressive emotion…

While “Never Ever” (video shared below) reminds us of the groove found in Jimi’s “Ezy Ryder” perhaps not so liquid or polychromatic, but nevertheless, it’s a number that drives powerfully, like a sternwheel locomotive. There’s also a grunt and cackle deep in the marinade that reminds us of Bon Jovi, in other words, this is: zesty, handsome, and beltingingly hypnotic!

Aha, this EP is a kazoo songfest! Break in… and break out!

File alongside: The Dead Daisies, Manic Eden

Pre order the EP here:

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