crooked shapes

CROOKED SHAPES Punch the Tunes

We last wrote about Reading UK band CROOKED SHAPES in early 2019 when we described their “Wicked Ways” as “an irresistible composition…” 

The outfit harnesses the type of compelling driving force you’d naturally associate with the British blues-rock pioneers of the 60s and 70s; bands such as Black Cat Bones, Leaf Hound and Free. We love the crunchy, crisp rhythms and strapping strong guitars. 

Now, slightly grungier, but no less melodic, the trio are set to release a self-titled album (self released, too, on 19th November) and we had an early listen:

Fire” is a song about taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s own outbursts and so, as you might imagine from such a concept, it’s a flaming hullabaloo of hurly-burly guitars, volatile drummery and muscularized vocals. Yep, this is 3 mins 44 secs of the most utmost flabbergasting excitement!

Leave Me For Dead” has an embraided and slightly asymmetrical riff (which is totally amazing!) and the vocals, though they’re uncompromising, are nevertheless impressively euphonious. This is as immense as it is redoubtable. Breathtaking! 

Crooked Shapes

Appetite” is that trad heavy juicy blockhammer rock that we remember from before. It is like being slugged over the head by a giant wielding a lug wrench. You might get over it (though it’s unlikely!)

And the old-old (two years old at least) title track “Crooked Shapes” lumbers like a brooding beast, filled with rage and bloodhate. It’s dark, it’s glowering, and yep it’s hypnotic. In fact it’s like being trapped by a leprous wolf in a cell and there’s nowhere to go but into the beast’s mouth. Isn’t this how we all felt during lockdown? 

If you like tunefulness & punchiness amongst your doomed and accursed maledictions, then you gotta try this!

File alongside: SOUNDGARDEN

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©


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