COLLATERAL Midnight Queen feat. Danny Vaughn

Following the release of their exciting Can’t Hold Me Down in November 2020 COLLATERAL are back with a reissue of their first single Midnight  Queen, but this time with some amazing classic-rock braiding… 

DANNY VAUGHN (Tyketto) features as the lead vocalist on the terrific number, along with the band’s frontman Angelo Tristan.

Vaughn recently brought us a slew of big-hearted country-rock and Americana songs featuring luscious vocals, exquisite guitar playing, and strongly observed lyrics when he  teamed-up with Dan Reed for the project SNAKE OIL & HARMONY. He also completed the solo album he “always wanted to make” when he released Myths, Legends and Lies in 2019, an album that we described as:“dark energy and passions that gnaw for forgiveness

danny vaughn small

About the influence of Danny Vaughn, Angelo says: Tyketto was one of my inspirations growing up… to have Danny on one of our tracks is unbelievable. When one of your idols says how great your track is, it makes you feel like you’re doing something right. I can’t wait for all the Tyketto fans to hear it.”

Midnight  Queen radiates the kind of confidence you’d expect from someone like Extreme or Van Halen… that’s how big and professionally crafted this sound is! The song begins with a soft beat and a generous riff. It maintains a subtle and enigmatic sadness within the lyrics and introduces us to the titular ‘Midnight Queen’ (Ocean Navarro) who, according to the evidence of this rock ‘n’ roller, is a shy and unpretentious woman with a dark and subtle side.

The fusion of these two amazing voices is magical and the effect is an elegant caramelization of luscious gold tones mixed with fervently felt fragrances. In other words, this rendering is plaintive, keen, and intense. 

Collateral will release their album Re-Wired in Spring 2022. Check out their re-released UK tour dates on the poster below.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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