All For Love Jessica Lynn


The much adored New York-born country-crossover singer/songwriter & stellar performer JESSICA LYNN who creates what we describe as “country-inspired, swishing boogies…” has teamed with the highly esteemed and thoroughly “Revved Up” London based singer-songwriter KATY HURT and the Birmingham (UK) writer and performer, the Gasoline & Matches country music star, SALLY REA MORRIS to record the famous musketeer anthem ‘All for Love’.

This euphoric number gives their ravishing voices the best prospect of flourishing individually but also intertwining symbiotically and harmoniously. So  there’s concordance between the talents, but nuanced differences too, of coloration, inflection, and emotion.

Their rendition of the famous song is a rhythmically serene unveiling rather than the larger-than-life swashbuckle that it once was before — yet it still possesses the same sense of indivisible strength and unifying energy.

I’ve paired up with two of the most badass women in England”…

Jessica Lynn

“I’m SUPER EXCITED,” says Jessica, “I’ve paired up with two of the most badass women in England” — Katy Hurt & Sally Rea Morris — for a remake of Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting’s ‘All for Love’.” 

Dubbed “Shania’s natural successor” by press and hailed as a “rocket force” for her spectacular live performances, presence and stagecraft, Jessica Lynn has been charting her own course. In the past couple of years, she’s expanded and refined her range by reimagining full band versions of her songs, originally for her highly successful livestream concerts and latterly released as a critically acclaimed songs on her EP ‘Reimagined’.

Jessica also recently collaborated with Tim Prottey-Jones to release a phenomenal version of Billy Ray Cyrus’s smash hit ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ for a special Halloween release, which adds dark emotional depth to the usually upbeat song.

Regarding ‘All for Love’, Jessica says: “Over the last few years of touring in the UK, I have been so totally blown away by the talent that I have come across. Two of my favorite  — not only musicians but people — are Katy Hurt and Sally Rea Morris […] When Katy asked me to collaborate on this song, I was so excited to join forces on a very positive message and sound after a truly difficult last year and a half. I am so inspired by both of these women and it was really fun to get to put our own spin on such a classic.”

The  power ballad “All for Love” was  written by Bryan Adams, with Robert John “Mutt” Lange, and Michael Kamen ostensibly for the soundtrack of  The Three Musketeers: Original Motion Picture and was later performed as a threeway rendition by Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting.

Out now on all digital platforms–sally-rea-morris

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