Dead Writers


London rockers DEAD WRITERS will perform with Bad Touch and Piston at the O2 Academy in Islington on Thursday 2 December and have released a new single, titled “Among Spirits.”

Led by charismatic frontman/songwriter and keyboardist Paul Shine, their vintage-tinged sound is influenced by 70s classic rock and 80s dark wave, with impressionist lyrics that come mysteriously connected to prestige literary aestheticism, as they harness the spirit of the irreproachable artist, perhaps using the Ruskinian method. (And if you know that that is, you’re ahead of the game!)

The same essence that connects inhalations of attunement, intrigue and, of course, the pure capacity to adrenalize the hell out of a sound, also offers the listener the grand impudence that is required of rock.

among spirits cover

Among Spirits begins with batches of slick bass laces and ebony chords that seem carved from coffin bark, while other tinkling notes ring out through the sips, suggesting release from a nighttime of gloom. The lead voice is nebulous & shadowish, without ever becoming the gloomy side of goth. In fact, purple and moonless is probably the best way to describe the vocal — ruffled and grand, like Martin Fry (ABC) or brocaded and toned like Phil Oakey (The Human League).

Anyway, the result is great rock ‘n’ roll! A full-length embroidered nightgown of sound that produces courage, sentimentality, and of course, consummate performance. A lush and delicious bombast!

File alongside: early Foxy Shazam

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©


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