Toronto, Canada’s THUNDEROR (ft. members of Skull Fist, Operus, ex-Annihilator) will release their debut album “Fire It Up” on Feb 25th 2022, via Boonsdale Records.

The album is a fresh take on NWOTHM, with 80s synths, piano, and gong hits. The 80s-infused heavy metal is recommended for fans of Skull Fist, Saxon, and Judas Priest. 

Lyrically it’s an adventure, complete with motorcycles, romance, and danger. It inspires the listener to go after life and never give up on the thrill of existence.

never give up on the thrill of existence… fuel yourself up on this!

The Cape Breton drumming-frontman JJ Tartaglia expects the album will be a hit with Skull Fist fans who will find some familiarity in the sounds, but will also intrigue new listeners who will be drawn in by the originality and catchy hooks: 

 “I think we’ve created a truly original album with Fire It Up. It was a blast writing these songs and putting my personality into the lyrics for the first time. The songs on the album are meant to inspire a life journey – an adventure with friends, motorcycles, romance, danger, and victory. I hope it will be a soundtrack for your adventures.”

thunderor cover

Catch the outfit on tour (Euro dates below) and check-out “How We Roll” (video shared below) that is a barreling thump of thwacking rhythms, ricocheting vibes and carbonated kinetic potentialities! Yep, fuel yourself up on this!

The debut Album “Fire It Up” Out Feb 25, 2022 via Boonsdale Records


 European Tour Dates w/ Traveler and Toledo Steel
 11.3.22 – Rockclub Nordbayern – Selb, Germany
 12.3.22 – Divadlo Pod Carou – Pisek, Czech
 13.3.22 – Bambi Galore Hamburg, Germany
 14.3.22 – Stengade – Copenhagen, Denmark
 15.3.22 – TBA – Berlin, Germany
 16.3.22 – Kasseturm – Weimar Germany
 17.3.22 – Don’t Panic – Essen, Germany
 18.3.22 – Goldgrube – Kassel, Germany

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