Bella Rios Courtney Dellafiora


At just eighteen, the Nashville, TN based artist BELLA RIOS already has an encouraging past incarnation as a consummate musician of note…

After years of expressly covering rock songs, she spent her high school time releasing original rock-leaning numbers, inspired by the classic records she was raised upon. “My parents would wake me up by playing Led Zeppelin, Heart, Fleetwood Mac,” Rios says. “It really brought my family together.”

 this is meticulous without being brittle and radiant without being corny…

At the same time, she traveled and performed with professional children’s choirs; all while she received a classical education in both voice and piano

However, this diverse musical perspective led to a certain cultural / professional identity crisis for the artist, which motivated the willingness to write songs in every imaginable genre, in search of her own unique sound.

Bella’s upcoming singles are the successful products of these processes and are powerful and emotional pop songs delivered with clarity and capacity. Inspired by artists such as the indie hip-hop artist K. Flay, balladeer Dorothy, or electro-pop songwriter Bishop Briggs, Rios’s upcoming single release “Bitter” (video shared below) captures the likeness of a young artist coming into her own, finding assuredness, decisiveness, and positiveness along the way.

Bella Rios single cover

Set against splintering nuggets of synth sound and shavings of rhythm, her voice separates from the biochips of sound in “Bitter”  to bring propulsion and crystalline brilliance to the song structure. So this is meticulous without being brittle and radiant without being corny.

According to Bella: “’Bitter” marks the beginning of a series of releases that I feel demonstrate and introduce the world to my most honest musical style. This song in particular introduces a side of myself that rarely surfaces in my daily life- a confidence in my power, an awareness of what I can’t control, and the continued journey of self acceptance…

Photos : Courtney Dellafiora

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