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the DAMN TRUTH About Love

The Montreal-based, psychedelic blues-rock makers THE DAMN TRUTH (on a February UK tour with King King, as well as playing their own stand-alone UK gigs this Spring) have issued a new single and with an accompanying music video “Only Love”.

Produced by legendary record producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, The Cult, Bryan Adams), “Only Love” is the third single taken from the band’s third studio album “Now or Nowhere” (2021) which tingled with their famed crisp, spicy sounds that brim with moreish retrospection.

gleefully optimistic promise…


Only Love” sparkles like a zesting of mystical fairy dust with the vocal arriving like a velvety-loamy elevation of embroidered silks and nestled yankings. After the initial shimmering incantation, the piece soon settles into a rock ‘n’ roll groove, with woop woop riffle and handclap pace. It also strikes a gleefully optimistic promise (it’ll be fine…) in both the message and slant. Flavorous!

Check the Tom Shemer video with footage taken during the ‘Now Or Nowhere‘ sessions at The Warehouse in Vancouver (below.)

Only Love Cover Art

Their lead singer, Lee-La Baum, explains the song: “The lyric, only love can keep us going, serves as a reminder that things during the pandemic are challenging, and hardships are everywhere, but if every day has a new morning and we consider every morning a new beginning, then why shouldn’t love guide it?”

“When Bob first heard Only Love on the first day at The Warehouse (Bryan Adams’ studio in Vancouver, Canada), he liked it right away but wanted us to try to speed up the tempo. Only Love started out as our only ballad on the record, but Bob had a slightly different vision. He basically sent us into the studio, and said: ‘Just give it a try, don’t think, just play it. We’ll know right away if there’s something there’.”

Continues Lee-La, “We played the song at almost double the speed, it felt rushed and awkward, but after laying down the take, we filed into the control room and listened back. It was undeniable. There seemed to be magic to it now.”

Main photo: © Martin Brisson

Tickets for The Damn Truth’s February UK tour with King King, as well as their own stand-alone UK gigs, are available from this one-stop ticketing link –

Damn Truth UK tour dates

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