Wille and the Bandits


The ingenious & free-spirited country-blues grubstakers WILLE & THE BANDITS have released a new single, titled: “Good Stuff” along with an accompanying music video (shared below).

It’s a fulminating rock ‘n’ roll number, with galvanic beats, artful swing, parading shimmy, super-proud vocals, and it wouldn’t be at alll wrong to compare it to something delivered by the Stones in their  Goats Head Soup days. Yes, it’s that flouncing!

We have previously described the WTB rhythmic rattles, jangled guitar patterns, and carefully crafted, finger-picked, slow sippers as: “sparkling fresh roots…” and this new sound is just as groovy!

Wille & The Bandits When The World Stood Stilll Odysseas Mourtzouchos

The new single is taken from the band’s forthcoming 2022 album “When The World Stood Still” due for release Friday January 28th and available for pre-order from –


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