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PEARCE To Visit Soul Food Store

The VOODOO SIX London-based, Glasgow-born guitarist, songwriter and singer MATT PEARCE and his band THE MUTINY — of the razor-burn rhythms & husky vocals, who creates gritty-blue euphonies often set against the most poignant canvasses — has announced an eagerly awaited second full album, to be titled: ‘The Soul Food Store’ and due this Spring!

Like its precursor, the 2019 title ‘Gotta Get Home’, the 2022 disc is self-produced and features Matt as lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, facilitated by the cream of the crop on the London blues scene, including such luminaries as: Kelpie McKenzie (bass); Joe Lazarus (drums); Daliah Sherrington (vocals); Jon Moody and Joe Mac (keyboards) and Steve Beighton (sax).

this album is about me being at home, with all the music I love…

Matt Pearce

“What is The Soul Food Store? “A place, a state of mind, a feeling?” suggests Matt.  

“All the songs I’d been working on […] became a focus.”

“I wanted my album to be what my favourite music is to me: somewhere to go to be happy, laugh, sing, dance, forget all my troubles, or be comforted despite them.”

Soul Food Store

“These 11 songs run the gamut of my musical influences: if ‘Gotta Get Home’ was a statement of intent — that bluesy rock could be funky — then this album is about me being at home, with all the music I love.” 

“So, as well as the funk and the rockin’ blues, there’s some soul, and ballads, and psychedelic, and maybe even a little disco vibe creepin’ in… All the sounds that put a smile on my face and that I hope will do the same to you.”

“But to get back to The Soul Food Store: the whole point of this album is to combat the negativity that’s so easy to give in to these days, and like the old song, accentuate the positive! But always with a groove… As the last song on the album says, ‘Everybody should be king of their world every day…”

The new album ‘The Soul Food Store’ is out via Mutinear Records, due early April 2022

Main photo Tina K

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