Restive Nation Jan 2022


The multi-piece alt-rock/electronic crossover collective from Dublin, Ireland, RESTIVE NATION have released ‘Counterfeit‘ the latest single to be taken from an highly-anticipated debut full length LP due for release on Friday, Feb 25th 2022.

impassioned melodic gravity…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Their latest offering sees the band, known for blurring the lines between metal, progressive and electronic rock (since 2014) deliver a fiery auditory tongue-arrow that crackles and ionizes with exuberant capacity, and a palpitating heart of rhythms that seem like they’ve been pulled from the insides of a crazed demon!

Though the song also brings about a truly monumental chorus delivered with impassioned melodic gravity.

Restive Nation

Speaking abut the single, the band says: “Counterfeit is about people who are sculpted by the culture that forms around them rather than embracing their own identity and thinking their intellect is valued but in reality it’s extremely counter productive.”

They seem to press the same narrative until it becomes all they talk about and you can’t even listen to their viewpoints anymore. You can barely even hear them. The musical and lyrical themes play off each other in the sense they both struggle with their identity in order to fit into a box. It can show the duality in a person’s actual and performative beliefs.



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