Matt Pearce and the Mutiny

MATT PEARCE Stores the Soul

The London-based, Glasgow-born guitarist, songwriter & singer MATT PEARCE and his band THE MUTINY — of razor-burn rhythms & husky vocals —creates gritty-blue euphonies set against poignant soulful canvasses. Matt releases his eagerly awaited second album, titled ‘The Soul Food Store’ on 29th April 2022. We review the release here.

The album is about me being at home, with the music I love…” Matt declares.

glitz & mojo-sassiness —

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Got A Thing Going On” (the music video, filmed at Soup Studios, is shared below) is a resounding fling of ripping guitar and pelting rhythms. With jellylike groove + bubblicious attitude, this is a syllabub of scrumptiousness! The mouthwatering backing vocals from the accomplished Daliah Sherrington provide this song with glitz & mojo-sassiness!

All The Gods” is an ooze-out stretch that begins like the 3rd Stone from the Sun in terms of psychedelic slow-drift and weightless spaciness. The flawless guitar is keen and acute. And Matt’s voice is reminiscent of Phil Collins circa ‘85. In fact, with such impressive guitar-work, that persistent burble of bass, and the delicate fringes of rhythm, this song could easily ‘come’ from the twelfth Genesis studio album. Oh yeah, if this were still ‘83, this track would be Grammy-worthy!

Soul Food Store Matt Pearce and the Mutiny

Promised Land” is a percussive treat, with a Santana-esque feel. It’s rhythmical, peppy, and so vivacious. A flaming flamenco conjuration!

The title track, “The Soul Food Store” is another cadenced shuffle that sounds like it fits somewhere between yacht, latin, and Santana-style jazz rock. Here, Matt’s voice is top-grade: smooth as silk, sweet as honey, mellow as applewood charcoal, and holy-high as a bell-tower.

Another stand-out track is “Beautiful Disguise”. It’s a piece of unblemished soul-rock that’s not unlike Jealous Guy (1971)  in terms of purity, clarity, and intimacy.

The Soul Food Store is, perhaps, a step away from the jam-band feel of earlier recordings and seems like a conscious move into spacier soundscapes, humongous ensemble arrangements, and full-spectrum euphonies. Having said that, though, these new sounds remain vibrant and these songs are filled with life-affirming celebration… so they sound as crisp & immediate as any live-show experience!

Yep, this is a revitalizing accomplishment. Sit down (or better still, get up and dance) to this yummy luxuriation! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©

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