Xander and the Peace Pirates


The commendably uncompromising soulful blues-rock band XANDER AND THE PEACE PIRATES have announced their new album, titled  “Order Out Of Chaos” is due  6th May 2022.

We thought the first super-propelling single from the disc, “Leave The Light On” was “scrumptiously smooth […] with the tenderest vocals, pineapple guitar, and lots of pepper brushed rhythms…

Now the band release the album’s title track “Order Out Of Chaos”.

Grab it here: https://orcd.co/XandTPP-OOOCsingle

The band explained the thoughts behind the title: “’Order Out of Chaos’ tries to show that we give our collective power away to false beliefs. One — often strongly held — delusion is that those in power have real power and control over anyone. They don’t, but thanks to that conviction we still give our power away.”

This song is about how many in positions of power will wield that ‘power’ to manipulate the masses, merely to serve their own personal agendas — not the whole. All such agendas are born out of a need to become more and have more: false needs and hungers that are never fulfilled.

Order Out Of Chaos

The number begins with a parallax of autofocus as blurred guitar chords tremble in hazy shadows. But, though beats vibrate side by side, fibrillating against fetlocks of sound, Xander’s voice unwinds expressively, like a sacred herald reaffirming a godly promise.

The expressive style is moody, the anthemic atmosphere is insanely beautiful, and the lyrics are genuinely insightful. Gratifying!

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©

Pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/XandTPP-OOOC

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