Lydia Persaud


Saying I love you for the first time [is] vulnerability within certainty,” suggests Canadian singer/songwriter and emerging talent, LYDIA PERSAUD.

She’s been described by her Toronto producer, Scott McCannell, as “Roberta Flack sitting in with Bill Withers’ band at a folk festival”.

Her thought (above) are the sentiments at the heart of her new single, “Words For Her” from her freshly released album, Moody31, out via Next Door Records. Check the video (below.)


When I wrote this tune, I channeled my love for Nat King Cole…” she adds.

Anything that he sings is  instantly the most succulent and romantic sentiment ever sung. I wrote the song and sent it to my  partner but without any words, just melody and chords.”

Shyly sharing the poem that is lyric  for the song later on, we both recorded a version together during covid, this version ended up  being the duo arrangement on the album.”

Words For Her” is a semi-sweet gathering of whiskets and fallaway intentions that tumble alongside a succulent, and warmly personal, vocal. The effect is deep vulnerability intermixed with absolute self-possession. It doesn’t matter that the accompaniement is paper-thin, because Lydia’s vocal is so lavishly abundant! Though, at the core of this, is a state of melancholic restlessness.

Grab Moody 31 here :

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