Crown Lands unplugged at UMG Photo Credit @neilmach 2022


The Juno Award-winning, Canadian turbocharged hard-drivers CROWN LANDS – Cody Bowles (vocals & drums) and Kevin Comeau (guitar, bass, and keys) – have been visiting the UK over this last “Great Escape” week

Cody, (from Oshawa, Ontario)  is of Mi’kmaq heritage and identifies as two-spirit. The duo often write from an activist perspective. 

On the exact same day that the Royal Albert Museum in Devon, England, returned Chief Crowfoot’s sacred buckskin shirt to the indigenous Siksika Nation (artist’s impression below) we were privileged to see a unique, stripped-back ‘n’ unplugged show put on by the CROWN LANDS duo at Universal MusicGroup Global, London.

Artists Impression of Buckskin Shirt neilmach

The set began with “Howlin’ Back” — a 70’s sounding slide into bottleneck heaven, with the kind of angelic vocalizations that brought to mind Robert Plant, though sweeter. A lot sweeter, in fact. Like beeswax and apricot. 

Mountain” developed like the elemental crystals found in mineralogical rock. Slow to form, yet sparkling and efficient. 

And “End of the Road” swerved from gutter to crown with skidding bass tones, slaps from Cody, and smoking hot guitar from Kevin.

Crwon Lands unplugged at UMG photo credit @neilmach 2022

The sacred white buffalo is spiritually significant in several Native American religions; it is believed that if you follow the way of the white buffalo you walk a consecrated path.

When Colonizers came to North America they tried to wipe out the Buffalo to starve Indigenous people to death. The buffalo are still here. We are too, and together we’ll overcome…” explained Cody.

The song had a very rhythmic guitar, headbanging groove, soaring vocal, and phenomenal drum-play. There was a perfect melodic pause midway (it was a long number, but not overwhelming) and brilliantly paced.  “We want to record a prog album... explained the two Rush fans. “An entire album, but just one track! And we get it: if you could possibly imagine an acoustic performance that sounded like “The Battle of Evermore” with Geddy Lee performing vocal parts, accompanied by Bukka White on guitar, you’d understand! Yup, you’d understand. Welcome to the CROWN LANDS! 

A new album is promised for the last quarter of ‘22.

Check the lads out here:

Words & Photos: @neilmach 2022 ©

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